Friday, July 11, 2014

Fireworks, Domestic Disturbances, Vehicle Burglaries In Clewiston

CLEWISTON, FL.-- The city manager's office in Clewiston reports this week on police work in Hendry county's larges city.

Police Chief Don Gutshall reported Independence Day public events and fireworks show were uneventful from a law enforcement perspective but noted the fireworks show itself appeared sparsely attended.

Gutshall says, "Unfortunately, as normal during holiday weekends, we did experience an inordinate number of domestic disturbances. Alcohol is usually a factor in such incidents."

The police did have had a couple of complaints of trash being dumped around town. Officers do have a couple of leads and are looking into the problem, said the Chief.

 Police arrested a suspect in a case from a couple weeks ago involving vehicle burglaries.

The week’s police activity:

939 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
482 Complaints Investigated
15 Traffic Citations
36 Traffic Warnings
15 Arrests Made
8 City Ordinance Violations
71 Merchant Escorts Provided
22 Alarms Responded To
44 Red Light Camera Violations
4 Traffic Accidents Investigated

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