Monday, November 10, 2014

Churches Partner For Holiday Operation Backpack

Community Thanksgiving Service November 25

LABELLE, FL. --  Pastor Clifford Avery met this week with Pastor James Holden who announces the Community Thanksgiving Service will be at Carlson Memorial Church, Tuesday, November 25 at 7 p.m. Rev. J. D. Dugal of the First Church of God will be the speaker this year.

Photo: Pastors Avery and Holden

Pastor Avery stopped by Carlson Memorial Methodist church this week to confirm that they would host the Community Thanksgiving Service.  That everything would be available on  Tuesday November 25 and at 7:00 P.M. The host pastor James Holden Confirm the date and time and availability of the church. The discussion turned to the Thanksgiving speaker They selected one of the newest pastors in town Rev. J. D. Dugal of the First Church of God of Anderson Indiana Located on highway 80. It was noted that  A goodly number of local pastors will be participating in this community service. 

Pastor Holden and the LaBelle Evangelical Ministers Association cooperating for “Operation Backpack" for the Christmas Season, A number of local churches will partner with Operation Backpack to give the 150 children Backpacks with food enough food for the Christmas break. 

They  will collect the following items if you would like to be part of this worthy project by donating some of these products: 
Small boxes of cereal
Packs of mac & cheese (only water to be added)
Cans of Vienna sausages
Jar Peanut Butter
Boxed crackers
Canned chicken or tuna
Canned corn
Canned green beans
Instant mashed potatoes
Cans of gravy
Canned chicken & dumplings (Family size)
Financial donations will also be accepted.

Please bring your donations to your church or drop it off at Methodist church office or you can bring them with you to worship Sundays. For more information call 675-0900. 

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