Saturday, March 07, 2015

Serious Injuries In Four Vehicle Crash On SR80

LABELLE, FL. -- A four car crash on State Road 80 at Fort Denaud Road Friday at 3:14 P.M. left two drivers and two passengers with injuries, one with critical brain injury.

Four vehicles were eastbound in the inside lane of State Road 80 directly behind each other, when Savannah Noel Swann, 25 of Palmdale, driver of a Toyota Camry failed to reduce speed to avoid a collision. The front of her car struck the rear of a second vehicle. The front of that vehicle struck the rear of a third. Then, the front of vehicle three struck the rear of a fourth. 

Swann's car rotated counterclockwise faced northeast at final rest in the inside lane of State Road 80. She suffered serious injuries and was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital.

The second vehicle continued eastbound after impact and came to final rest faced south east in the outside lane of State Road 80. 

The third was faced east in the inside lane of State Road 80 at final rest. Vehicle four was faced northeast in the inside lane of State Road 80 at final rest. 

Passenger #2 in the second vehicle,  Tiffany Dawn Guinn, 20 of LaBelle was not wearing a seatbelt and suffered serious brain injury. The driver Danielle Kristine Tritt, 21 of LaBelle and another passenger Cassidy Suzanne Pascher, 17 of LaBelle has serious injuries. 

The driver and passenger in vehicle three were not injured nor was the driver of vehicle four.


  1. Regardless of whether Tiffany Guinn was wearing her seatbelt or not - we believe she was - the accident is what caused her brain injury and other injuries. The car she was in was hit very hard from behind and she had to be cut out of the vehicle on the opposite side of where she was sitting to be removed. We are grateful that she is still alive. She and her family can still use prayers......thank you.

  2. Sending prayer!Andsyrs seat belt or not it is such a tragedy