Monday, March 21, 2016

Live Your Ultimate Life - Dr Mao Shing Ni

Five Traditional Personality Types And Wisdom Of The Ages
Review By Don Browne

Dr. Mao Shing Ni's latest book, Live Your Ultimate Life, is based on traditional Chinese 'five element' personality theory, and not coincidentally his father Taoist Master Hua Ching Ni wrote one of the definitive books on the Chinese Book of Changes, the I Ching. Dr. Mao, a well known and respected doctor of Chinese medicine has appeared on numerous television shows including several on The Dr. Oz Show, teaching self-help techniques for better health.

Live Your Ultimate Life is an easy to read guide explaining the five traditional personalities; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water and how to improve one's life; bettering physical, mind, financial, career and relationship health. While I tried to guess my personality type while reading the book, I discovered Dr. Mao has an online 'five element quiz' that better narrows down one's main personality type, which turned out to be "water" for me. After taking the quiz I then went back to the book to read again those sections about my personality type and then study the advice given. Dr. Mao gives some additional advice on acupressure points and meditation for each personality type, as well as specific traditional Chinese herbal recommendations to improve health. (Note: The quiz page may ask for an email address to get your results. You can remove yourself from any emails you receive later with no problem should you desire.)

I would have wished the personality quiz was included in the book and a bit better organization of the book of the five element personality types to avoid searching through the book for each individual type and it's advice. Although the topic search was made easier by graphic symbols of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water on the edge of each page, making finding the individual sections a bit easier. There was quite extensive career advice that may be useful for those in doubt about current and future work choices

Recommended highly for those who might find traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy of life useful to one's life journey. Five Element Personality Quiz

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