Friday, July 08, 2016

Consumer Alert - Action Cooling & Heating

FORT MYERS, FL. -- Calling for a $39.95 complete tune up of your air conditioner will most likely results in a hard-sell pitch to purchase expensive new equipment, mold protection, UV lights, or duct cleaning and repair, say customers of Action Cooling & Heating, Inc.

The Better Business Bureau has 18 complaints logged against the business in the last three years, and six in the last 12 months. 10 were advertising and sales issues, seven product and service issues, and one billing problem. The BBB cites five negative customer experience stories with Action Cooling & Heating and one positive.

The BBB gives no rating for the 12 year old business saying "BBB is evaluating a pattern of complaints before issuing a rating."

Yelp has four negative reviews of the company all giving Action Cooling And Heating a one-star rating, alleging over-charging for services.

Google Reviews have 22 customer comments, some alleging scams or ripoffs, the most recent from two weeks ago.

The company's own Facebook page has some serious negative reviews:

A dissatisfied customer said on Action's Facebook page, "...installed a new ac unit for 7k in 2013 for my elderly mom then came back and said they needed more stuff to a tune of 4k. But guess what, last month they came in to do the preventive maintenance and this time she needed more things (one was only 6 months (old) for another 4300. I tried to contact the manager to ask why they keep replacing stuff that is not old but alas three days (3 calls I made to them each day) and I am still waiting."

One customer said "They had to reschedule one time and tonight when they were scheduled to come out, they never did. I called their number and the after hours lady said she would pass my info along to the tech. I never heard another word from them."

Another customer on Facebook said, " company sends a tech out only to find there was a leak and no freon, unit is in good condition and working well even after action cooling told me the unit had died and needed to be replaced."

The company's website offers a $39.95 air conditioner tune up that on one page is advertised as a "Complete 16 point tune up" and on another page a "44 point cleaning, tune-up, and inspection," The website claims "100% satisfaction guaranteed or you pay nothing" for the 44 point inspection.

The company is owned by William A. Stross (President) and Noel Torres (Vice President). Thurman Lee Whitacre II's air conditioning license is being used to operate as an air conditioning contractor.

Whitacre was a co-owner of Adams Air Conditioning of Lee County, Inc. which closed in 2006 and Air-Tron Air Conditioning LLC which closed in 2015.

Stross and Torres own Action Properties of Lee County, Inc., and previously owned Affordable Heating & Cooling, Inc. which closed in 2012, also TS Auto Brokers, Inc which shut down in 2013 and N.A.D. Properties, Inc.,  closed in 2009.

Advice: Check out references and reviews for any contractor, get more than one estimate if the price seems excessive and be aware that technicians visiting your home are often paid on commission not hourly, and have an incentive to sell you service and equipment that might not be necessary. It is unlikely a relatively new air conditioner will need expensive repairs and very unlikely it needs replacement. Usual typical home AC items to fix are unclogging the drain and a capacitor replacement if your AC stops working, both under a half hour to fix.

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  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Another unethical...bordering on illegal, air conditioning company. They don't fix anything because they aren't capable of fixing anything. This is a scaled down Bruno business model. They replace equipment and upsell accessories that are over-priced and generally not needed. If you see this truck in somebody's driveway, know that they are getting screwed. Next up is
    Great work exposing these con artists Don.