Friday, July 08, 2016

Monkey Breeding Farms Legal In Ruling Today

LABELLE, FL. -- Friday afternoon Judge James D. Sloan, of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, issued his ruling of the Williams Stephens, Carol Grey, and Keely Cinkota vs. Hendry County case in favor of Hendry County, saying the county did not violate the Florida Sunshine Law in granting permission for monkey breeding facilities in the county.

“We are pleased with Judge Sloan’s ruling upholding our constant assertions that Hendry County did not violate Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law. Our legal team is to be commended, especially County Attorney Mark Lapp,” says Charles Chapman, County Administrator.

"Hendry County continues to stand by the rights provided to our property owners contained within the language of our comprehensive plan and land development code," said a press release issued this afternoon.

The county may ask the court to award attorney's fees and costs as the prevailing party.,

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