Thursday, November 17, 2016

Democrats Meet Dec 3 At Big V

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry County Democrats will meet at the Big V Restaurant in LaBelle on Saturday, December 3, at 8:30 a.m. to elect county executive committee officers for the next four years. A county chair and vice chair, who must be of opposite sexes, a state committee man and woman, and a secretary-treasurer will be chosen from those local Democrats who qualified with the Hendry County Elections Office and were declared winners at the August Primary Election. 

Following the election of officers, the Hendry County DEC will adjourn its reorganization meeting and reconvene in a regular meeting to fill precinct committee vacancies and handle other matters. 

Hendry County Democrats interested in filling a precinct vacancy are asked to bring a Florida Driver License or other governmental photo ID with them to help in verifying eligibility. 

The meeting is open to all interested individuals with only registered Democrats living in Hendry County allowed to participate in discussion. 

Please contact the Big V Restaurant, (863) 675-2917, and leave word for Tina if you plan to attend; this will let her know if she needs to schedule extra servers.

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