Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fire Engine In Crash Wednesday Morning

CLEWISTON, FL. -- A Ford Focus driven by Tracy Rounds, 41 of Clewiston and a Hendry County fire vehicle driven by William Hooker McDuffie, 73 of Moore Haven crashed Wednesday at 9:04 a.m. The incident involved several parked vehicles in Clewiston.

Vehicle 01 was southbound on County Road 832 (WC Owen Avenue). Vehicle 02, a Hendry county fire vehicle, was westbound on Ventura Avenue. Vehicle 02's emergency lights were activated. Both vehicle 01 and 02 were approaching the intersection of County Road 832 and Ventura Avenue.

Vehicles 03, 04, and 05 were properly parked in a lot at the southwest corner of the intersection. A commercial vehicle (westbound) came to a stop for the traffic device at the westbound Ventura Avenue and County Road 832 intersection. The westbound commercial vehicle obstructed the view of southbound traffic on County Road 832.

Driver 01 observed a green traffic indication and proceeded south into the intersection. Driver 02 swerved to avoid colliding with Vehicle 01. As a result, the left front of vehicle 01 struck the right front of vehicle 02 at the intersection. Collision impact redirected vehicle 01 in a southwesterly direction.

Vehicle 02 departed the roadway and continued southwest into the parking lot (southwest corner) . The front of Vehicle 02 then struck the left side of vehicle 03 and the right front of vehicle 04. Vehicle 02's impact with vehicle 04 caused vehicle 04 to rotate counterclockwise.

The left front of vehicle 02 then made contact with right side of vehicle 05.

Drivers 01 and 02 were transported to Hendry Regional Medical Center. Both drivers sustained minor injuries.

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