Monday, February 06, 2017

Drinking Habits 2 At Theatre

LABELLE, FL. -- Drinking Habits 2 is a comedy/farce sequel to Drinking Habits running at the Firehouse Theatre February 23-24-25-26 and March 2-3-4-5 as
Sister Augusta and Sister Philamena have grown weary of life in the convent So when they receive word that an orphanage will be closed down unless the convent can raise the money to save it, the sisters plot to make their award-winning wine, hiding it from the ever-watchful eye of Mother Superior.

Meanwhile, Paul is still reeling from having been left at the altar a second time by his former fiancée, Sally. Determined to save the orphanage he grew up in, Paul, along with Mother Superior, Father Chenille, his very pregnant sister Kate and her husband George, decide to mount a play to raise the money the orphanage needs.

But when Mother Superior believes she’s had a vision, George can’t remember his lines, and Kate can’t stop her uncontrollable cravings, things are thrown into chaos just as the curtain rises.

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