Monday, July 30, 2018

Pastor Clifford Avery Invites Candidate Participation

Invitation to the candidates 

LaBelle Assembly of God is extending and invitation to all candidates to attend the church with the purpose of having informed voters. The Candidates do not speak in the church service. Following the service they pass out printed campaign material. And then there is what Pastor Avery calls THE ROAST where the hard questions are asked.

He says, "On election day the pastor and the church does not want the voter looking at a bunch meaningless names. They trust  informed  voters that will improve our government and our lives.  This Sunday August 5th  we will be having two candidates for the Hendry County School board." 

Mary Robinson is in leading this project, if you are a candidate you can call her at 863-517-2677 and she will schedule each you into the  service. 

 LaBelle Assembly of God is located at 139 Fraser Avenue. Everyone is welcome including all candidates. For more information call 675-0900.

"If you have a question whether your vote counts remember the last city election was decided by two votes," Pastor Avery says.

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