Thursday, May 27, 2004

Graduation Congraulations

In this, the season of reason, congratulations to all the matriculating
survivors of the twelve most signifigant years of "YOUR" lives.
Some people will question what do I expect to inform any of the younger
generation, that they already don't know.
Well I'm going to give it that old "college" try, and you'll be glad to
know my bride of 55 years, also finds me very "trying."
Since moving to Labelle in May of 1993, I still haven't had anyone
answer this question. Is DISNEY the only people trap, to be operated by
a MOUSE? Strangely enough, that question sorta leads me to compare what
faces our
new crop of Graduates, in today's, "whose in charge", tumultous world.
It is, in this climate of unrest, distrust, and era of uncertainty, that
if I were giving their commencement speech, I might say this.
What's the last thing you might expect a graduation guest speakers
message to be? Here are all these young minds, fresh from 12 years of
accomplishment, and I'm going to tell them "How to Fail.'
Think of all the books and emphasis on success, but failure, no way. I
would tell them that there are no guarantees for success, no matter how
hard you try, and how closely you might follow directions. On the other
hand, failure is almost guaranteed, not just once, but probably many
Failure will occur if you are inconsiderate of others. Many people
consider that the world was created for them, and they ignore other's
feelings. Sharing the diminishing space on this planet is a must.
Failure is almost guaranteed if you think you are owed because of your
being educated. If anyone is owed, it is all the people who sacrificed
to gain victories, and survived defeats, paving the road to provide the
many opportunities available to you. Examples might be your great
grandparents. grandparents, and parents, who, if alive, are in nursing
Failure could be your fate if you think that the only job for you is one
that suits just you. You must suit the job. Trust me on this one
because I learned the hard way that I was not destined to be an MD, but
I have learned to be a good patient.
A decision to climb a corporate ladder guarantees many opportunities for
failure. Particularly if you choose to advance up the corporate ladder
by stepping on other people on the way up. For it is a known factor
that you have to meet those same people on the way down.
Failure will be your reward if: you do not try to right a wrong whenever
possible when seeing abuse and not speaking out against it,
Failure will consume you if: you see corruption, graft and dishonesty
without fighting it. and you accept bad politicians and do not exercise
your right to vote.
Last, but not least, believing that romantic notion that "Love means
never having to say you're sorry." In reality. the truth is that anyone
who lives long enough to retire learns that love means just the
opposite. It means being ABLE to say "I'm SORRY.
"I'm sure that many of you will still consider life a "Mickey Mouse"
operation. but don't forget there are still those jobs at Disney for
your "Chewsing." So you see. "CAPPING" the Gown was just the first giant
step in enabling
you to"FAIL" to "FAIL!!"
-T. W. Bill Neville, LaBelle, Florida

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  1. Whoops! We didn't quite proofread the title here very well. Sorry about that for you good spellers!

    By the way, this article is from one of the Sunday Morning News' frequent contributors, Bill Neville. Bill keeps a good "lookout" for governmental goings on around the LaBelle and Hendry county area.