Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hendry Sheriff Warns Holiday Drivers

LABELLE, FL. (May 24, 2004) -- Memorial Day is almost here and that means
that the Click It or Ticket Safety Belt Enforcement Wave is just around the
corner. Law enforcement officers across the state will be reminding
drivers of one thing - Click It or Ticket.

The enforcement wave begins on May 24th and will run through June 6th. The
Hendry County Sheriffs office, as well as agencies throughout Florida and
across the nation, will be out in full force to keep our roadways safer.
The objective of the wave is not to write tickets - our goal is to save
lives. Buckle Up Florida's Click It or Ticket enforcement wave is part of
a nationwide coordinated effort. During the wave, more than 13,000 law
enforcement agencies throughout the country will be looking for those who
do not buckle up.

The bottom line is that getting people buckled up is one of the most
effective ways to save lives on Florida's roadways. That's because safety
belts are the best protection in an automobile crash. Yet, many people
still refuse to buckle up. Those who do not buckle up account for 60
percent of the vehicle occupants killed on our roadways.

This is just a friendly reminder that law enforcement agencies will show
zero tolerance for unbuckled motorists. There will be no warnings and no
excuses. Click It or Ticket!


Sheriff Steve Worley

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  1. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Glad Sheriff Worley took this political moment to actually do his job of reminding citizens of something that will keep them safe. To bad he only does this on election years.