Friday, July 30, 2004

Juveniles Arrested On Burglary Charges

After responding to a burglary reported to the Hendry County Sheriffs
Office, late Sunday night, July 25, 2004, Investigators arrested 14 year
old Ulises Escobedo and 13 year old Daniel Gonzalez on charges of burglary.

Sheriffs' deputies received a report of a burglary at 501 Green Tree
Apartments, while conducting an initial investigation sheriffs deputy
received information identifying two young men as the individuals that had
committed the burglary.

After Investigators with the Hendry County Sheriffs Office responded both
Escobedo and Gonzalez spoke with Investigators and willingly admitted to
their involvement of the burglary of 501 Green Tree apartments. It was
also revealed during the investigation that both Escobedo and Gonzalez
admitted to their involvement in other burglaries.

Escobedo admitted to the burglary of the Azteca Food Store on two different
occasions, a burglary to the Las Gemelas Food Store and multiple thefts of
bicycles most of which remain unreported at this time as well as burglaries
in Escobedo's neighborhood.

Gonzalez admitted to being involved in the burglary to 501 Green Tree
Apartments and a burglary to the Azteca Food Store on Cowboy Way.

Both Ulises Escobedo and Daniel Gonzalez were arrested and taken to the
Hendry County Jail. Escobedo was charged with 4 counts of Burglary and 3
counts of Criminal Mischief. Gonzalez is being charged with 2 counts of

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