Tuesday, July 13, 2004

USDA Releases Final 2003-04 Season Numbers

LAKELAND, FL (July 12, 2004) - Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture
released the final 2003-04 season citrus forecast, decreasing the Florida
orange crop estimate from 245 million
boxes to 242 million boxes.
The Valencia estimate was reduced by 3 million boxes, from 119 million to
116 million boxes with the Early-Mid estimate remaining at 126 million
The decrease was "bookkeeping" in nature. End-of-season figures need to be
adjusted at the close of each season to accurately correspond with
utilization figures.
The grapefruit estimate remains unchanged at 40.8 million boxes.
Specialty fruit also remains unchanged with Tangelos at 1 million boxes,
Temples at 1.4 million boxes and Tangerines at 6.5 million boxes.
The yield for frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) remains 1.56 gallons
per 90-pound box of oranges.
USDA estimates and actual production for Florida's orange crop for the past
five seasons are as follows:
2003-04 season: USDA estimate, 252 million boxes; actual production, 242
million boxes.
2002-03 season: USDA estimate, 197 million boxes; actual production, 203
million boxes.
2001-02 season: USDA estimate, 231 million boxes; actual production, 230
million boxes.
2000-01 season: USDA estimate, 240 million boxes; actual production, 223.3
million boxes.
1999-00 season: USDA estimate, 211 million boxes; actual production, 233
million boxes.
1998-99 season: USDA estimate, 190 million boxes; actual production, 186
million boxes.

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