Friday, July 16, 2004


Volunteers In LaBelle - Doing the Right Thing
by Barbara Marshall
Have you ever heard the term "Do the Right Thing?" This monthís volunteer
profile features not one, but seven individuals who want to remain
anonymous. They call themselves "the Robinettes," as in modern day female
Robin Hoods. The Robinettes range in age from thirty to sixty five years
old. They are parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. They just may
be your friends, co-workers or neighbors. Through their work in the
community, they come in contact with individuals who are living alone and
are on a limited income. They find joy in volunteering by providing gift
baskets and assistance with various bills to less fortunate individuals.
Items such as lotions, candles, or gift certificates are brought in by the
group. They then make up a basket and have it delivered to the person. They
have given five baskets since May to different individuals in the
community. The idea if the
Robinettes formed when they were behind someone in a local grocery store
who could not afford the whole bill for their groceries. They pooled their
money together and paid the balance of the bill expecting nothing in
return. It is these random acts of kindness that bring the Robinettes true
happiness. When asked why they want to remain anonymous, they said, "How
would you feel if you got a gift when you didnít expect it, just because
someone cared without any expectations in return? Or if it was your
birthday and you hadn't gotten anything from another person in a long time?
We just want people to know that someone cares, but we donít want them to
know who we are." The Robinettes learned about FAITH IN ACTION in Labelle
through another FIA volunteer. They decided it was a perfect partnership.
This is an example of the opportunities that are available in volunteering.
Do what you enjoy doing and help others in the process. There are no set
roles for a volunteer, and the Robinettes are living proof. If you would
like to become a FAITH IN ACTION in LaBelle volunteer or if you or someone
you know needs the assistance of a volunteer, please call Barbara Marshall
at (863) 675-1446. FAITH IN ACTION in LaBelle is a program with funding
from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Senior Connections of Southwest
Florida, Inc., a United Way partner agency, grants and donations from other
individuals and groups in our community.

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