Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bryanat Sugar Plant Closes

CLEWISTON, FL -- U.S. Sugar Corporation today
announced plans to modernize and automate its sugar processing facilities in
Clewiston and close its Bryant Mill. With state-of-the-art and highly
automated equipment, the resulting 38,000 tons-per day facility scheduled to
come on line in phases over the next three years will be among the largest
in the world.

"Unfortunately, one of the consequences of increased trade, automation and
new technology will be the loss of 300-350 jobs in our sugar processing
operations," Bob Buker, Executive V.P. said.

Scheduled to be in full operation in October, 2007, U.S. Sugar's modernized
sugar processing facility will be completely integrated with its refining
operations at the Clewiston site. The Bryant Mill facility, built in 1962,
is scheduled to close in early 2007. Severance packages for all those whose
jobs are eliminated with this consolidation will be a subject of discussion
in the upcoming union negotiations.

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