Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hendry Voters March To Precincts

LABELLE, FL. -- Voters are streaming into polling precincts today in
probably what will turn out to be an historic presidential election. In
Hendry county, probably the most watched and commented on race is between
former Sheriff Ronnie Lee (R) and incumbent Steve Worley (D). Observers says
Worley has the advantage being the incumbent and being Democrat. However,
Worley may have to overcome news of recent suspensions of a significant
portion of his deputies over a shooting incident.

The supervisor of elections office in Hendry shows 17,144 registered voters
in what is a mostly rural county. Democrats outnumber Repulicans almost two
to one. Registered to vote are 9,688 Democrats to 5,279 Republicans. 1,700
have registered with no political affiliation and 477 with "other." All 23
precincts save one in Hendry have a majority of Democratic Party voters.

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  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I want to thank the 454 Voters who voted for change in the Hendry County Commissioner race. To show my gratitude for your trust and confidence, I want to invite you to an open house barbeque on Dec 4, 2004 from 1PM-5PM at Harpers Fly-In Ranch.
    I am looking forward to seeing you and discussing your issues, united we can find the right solutions for our community.
    Please RSVP by Dec 1, 2004 by calling 983-9785 or email or visit

    God Bless Hendry County
    Suzanne (Suzi) Harper