Sunday, February 20, 2005

Glades Deputy Sues Okeechobee Police

MOORE HAVEN, FL. ( Feb. 20, 2004) -- Glades County Sheriff's Office sergeant
Ron Baker has filed a federal lawsuit against the Okeechobee City Police
Department alleging character defamation and harassment surrounding his
employment there. Baker worked for the city from 1997 through May 2002 when
he thought he had quit. Baker allegedly decided to quit the force to join
the Army Reserves and reportedly received resistance from the chief of
police and superiors about his proposed resignation. Later he changed his
mind but found what he claims was harassment.

"I was told that if I didn't resign, I would be fired for something petty
and then I would never be able to get a job anywhere," he said. "If I did
resign, then I would get a good reference. They told me that the chief just
wanted me gone," Baker reportedly said. He claims after quitting on what he
thought were good terms, and seeking employment elsewhere, he ran into
rejection from prospective employers and allegedly was then asked by the Ft.
Pierce Police Department why he was "fired" and why he was under
investigation. It was indicated he might have filed false affidavits at
Okeechobee while working there. Baker claims he was not fired and never
falsified affidavits although a court case was dismissed in a drug case
where Baker had pulled over a suspect with a taillight out and allegedly
discovered drugs. The judge reportedly found cause to suppress the evidence
and the case was dismissed.

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