Saturday, February 26, 2005

LaBelle Municipal Airport Closes

LABELLE, FL. -- The LaBelle Municipal Airport, just two miles south of
downtown LaBelle, will be closing for two months as crews prepare the
groundwork for an expansion of the runway and taxiways. Better Roads, Inc.,
the contractor for the project, has already delayed the work which was
originally scheduled to close the airport a month ago. The current runway
will be lengthened from 3400 feet to about a mile long in order to attract
heavier aircraft including private jets. Alico, Inc., a local land company,
will most likely be flying more of their executives in and out of LaBelle
once the extended runway is open. The local airport brings large benefits to
the local economy as visitors and businessmen use the airport daily and
patronize local businesses.

The airport has two new rows of aircraft hangars which just opened recently
and has seen a new company move into a portable trailer next to the main
office, with flight instruction and aircraft repairs available soon. LaBelle
Municipal has also seen numerous "ultralight" aircraft move on site after
leaving a Glades county airport northwest of LaBelle, which has experienced
some flying accidents and problems with zoning complaints from neighbors.
The LaBelle airport will officially close for two months starting at
midnight this Sunday night.

See LaBelle Airport for more airport information.

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