Thursday, August 11, 2005

Clewiston Gets Grant $$

CLEWISTON, FL. -- (Aug. 11, 2005) -- Governor Jeb Bush today awarded a
Rural Infrastructure Fund Grant for $500,000 to the City of Clewiston to
assist in the development of the Clewiston Commerce Park. The grant will
assist with the construction of infrastructure improvements to extend
water, wastewater, storm water retention and utility lines to the commerce
park. This project supports local economic development, including the
location of Terrafarms, an agri-business that cultivates vegetables and
foliage using a proprietary soil mixture. Terrafarms will create 100 new
full-time, non-seasonal jobs in Hendry County. The project will be located
within Hendry County's Enterprise Zone.

In addition to the Rural Infrastructure Fund Grant, Governor Bush today
also awarded the City of Clewiston an Economic Development Transportation
Fund (or "Road Fund") grant in the amount of $1.5 million. The grant will
be used in conjunction with the TerraFarms project to assist in the
extension of Arroyo Avenue by an estimated 3,200 linear feet and the
realignment of a flood canal and storm water runoff facilities required by
the extension.

Recently, the City of Clewiston acquired 185 acres of property from the
United States Sugar Corporation. The property is located in the southwest
quadrant of the city and includes the abandoned Clewiston Public Airport
and two contiguous 40-acre parcels. The City is developing this newly
acquired parcel as a commercial subdivision, "Clewiston Commerce Park,"
with an estimated 24 lots of varying sizes. One prospective tenant,
Terrafarms, plans to locate new operations on one of the 40-acre parcels
within the Commerce Park. Funding from a State Rural Infrastructure Fund
grant, as well as a Road Fund grant, will assist the City in developing the
site and providing necessary infrastructure to spur the location of

The City of Clewiston, which applied for the Rural Infrastructure Fund
Grant and the Road Fund, is developing plans for additional recruitment
projects. The $500,000 rural grant and the $1.5 million Road Fund Grant
will fund a portion of the $3,447,924 infrastructure project that will
extend water, wastewater, and storm water retention and roadway
improvements. The City has applied to the Federal Economic Development
Administration to fund the remainder of the project. The supporting
infrastructure will facilitate $4 million in capital investment by the new

"The financial assistance provided by the Rural Infrastructure Fund and the
Road Fund plays a significant role in our effort to develop the Clewiston
Commerce Park. These funds support the recruitment of Terrafarms and
position the city to open the commerce park for numerous other business
development opportunities as well," stated Mali S. Chamness, Mayor of
Clewiston. "We are truly excited about Terrafarms bringing 100 new,
year-round jobs which will utilize the skills of the existing workforce.
These grants will have a dramatic effect on the city's ability to create
new jobs and improve the local economy."

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