Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What Are Glades Commissioners and Cliff Miller Up To?

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Following up on a story we did here on July 26 about Glades County purchasing three internet domain names from former County Manager Cliff Miller, a Sunday Morning News reader indicated that the county commissioners voted to buy domain names "" "" and "" from Miller for $1,000.

We checked and found Miller had recently registered the name "" and registered it for one year with an online registry company on July 25 of this year, showing a registration to him at his presumed apartment at 100 Oxbow Drive across from the Port LaBelle Marina." The one-year registration with GoDaddy reportedly cost Miller only $8.95. is owned by DSTR Holding, Inc. of West Palm Beach so presumably this is not what the county bought from Miller. We are stumped by "" since it is our understanding that only Federal entities can own a "gov" suffix and there is no such site on the internet when we checked.

We are still wondering why Glades county, through its Commissioners, felt it necessary to buy any internet domain names at all from Miller, and especially from a former county employee. Glades county already has an existing website at which could serve as its website, or the county could register many other similar "GladesCounty" names at for $8.95, just like Miller presumably did just last week.

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  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    This tells you how smart the Glades County Commissioners are. Why do they need that many domain names? Do they even know?

    You got to give Cliff an "A" for out smarting the dumb Asses. To bad it is the tax payers who are the ones that are getting robbed.