Tuesday, August 30, 2005

LaBelle Man Charged With Sexual Battery

Picks Up 14-year Old At Bus Stop

LABELLE, FL. -- On August 19, 2005, the Hendry County Sheriff's Office
Investigations Division received information that a 24 year old male
picked up a 14 year old female at a bus stop in the Nobles Road area of
LaBelle, then transported her to Lee County where they allegedly had
sexual intercourse. An investigation revealed that the 24 year old male
was Enrique Casiano Zuniga who resides at 1024 Mohawk Avenue, LaBelle,

The Hendry County Sheriff's Office Investigators charged Zuniga
with Interference of Child Custody, which is a third degree felony, with
other charges pending. The Lee County Sheriff's Office was notified and
Zuniga was later charged with False Imprisonment and Sexual Battery.

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