Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hendry Curfews Relaxed In Some Areas

Recovery Efforts Continue With Difficulty

LABELLE, FL. -- Curfews from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. remain in effect for all of
Clewiston and Hendry County. Reportedly the Hendry Sheriff's department is
allowing workers at businesses to work until 10 p.m. although this has not
been officially published anywhere. The curfew for Hendry County, west of
833, including Pioneer, has been relaxed to allow residents to conduct
legitimate recovery efforts, although what "relaxed" means has not been
defined. Pioneer Plantation and the surrounding areas in mid-Hendry county
were among the hardest hit, suffering flooding as well as the highest winds
in the County.

Shelters for "overnight accommodations only" are located at the LaBelle
Civic Center, 481 W. Hickpochee Ave., which is at State Rd 80 behind the
City Hall in LaBelle. Because of the extensive home damage in Montura and
Clewiston there are many homeless. The special needs shelter has been moved
to Lee county. Hendry County Schools will be closed for the rest of the
week, but Hendry government offices are open although the Clerk's office is
closed. The courts have been variously reported as either open or closed

Clewiston, the hardest hit Hendry area is still without electric and the
most part water. There are reportedly dozens of downed poles on CR835 which
will take time to repair and to get needed materials. Estimates are that it
may be three weeks before electric is restored. Glades Electric Coop said
most of its Glades county customers should be restored in about a week.
About half of Hendry and Glades county is still without power. Main business
areas are operating in area cities although important buildings like the
Hendry Health Department on Cowboy Way in LaBelle is still without power.

Water boil orders remain in effect for Moore Haven, Immokalee, Okeechobee,
and Clewiston.

Officials recommend everyone contact your insurance provider first, then
call the Federal Emergency Management Agency at 1-800-621 -3362 (FEMA). The
area's " IA" number is 1609. Generally, FEMA will help only to pay for
owner-occupied houses without insurance coverage, as well as help renters
with emergency funds. Call 1-888-Roof-Blu for roof help.

Volunteers are needed to distribute amenities. Sign up at the LaBelle
Airport or one of the other water and ice locations. Call Rick Marquith at
239-340-9856 for more information.

The Clewiston radio station, FM 99.5 has been reporting much information
about Okeechobee and Palm Beach county where it owns other radio stations,
but news coverage for LaBelle and Hendry county has been lacking. Only three
days after the hurrican hit, the morning disc jockey announced programming
will get back to "normal" today with its usual country music format and even
a "Dial and Deal" call-in swap meet. Local news and information curiously
had taken a back seat to country music Thursday morning. We suspect the
radio management, for whatever reason has had some feedback from Clewiston
merchants and local industry that may have caused the change from news and
information back to a music format.

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  1. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Your right on about WAFC - if we don't talk about it Wilma problems will go away. Clewiston was hit very gard, NO restaurants were open on Thursday. Gas lines wer up to a half miles at open stations. County government wants to go back to "business as normal" making employees stop caring about their family needs. Other areas had employees make sure that theirs families were safe and their homes secure so that they can then concentrate on others needs.