Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Free Birding Tour

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry-Glades Audubon and the South Florida Water
Management District will offer to the public escorted birding tours at
Stormwater Treatment Area 5 (STA-5) south of Clewiston in eastern Hendry
County. The first trip is
scheduled Saturday, November 12 at STA-5 from 8:30 a.m. to noon and
subsequent tours are scheduled regularly through April 2006.

The stormwater treatment areas, owned and operated by the South Florida
Water Management District, are vast, constructed wetlands that use
vegetation to naturally cleanse excess nutrients from water before it
enters the Everglades. These remote, shallow-water marshes attract many
species of nesting wading birds, migratory and other water fowl such as
great blue herons, wood storks, snowy egrets, great egrets and roseate

Tours are open to anyone, but participants must register to
reserve a space on the trips. To sign up for the STA-5 Birding Tour:
Send an e-mail to Margaret England, at with your
name and contact information, the date you want to go, and the number in
your party. You may also leave a message at (863) 674-0695 or (863)

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  1. I am actually leaving this comment in reference to a posting from last week. I figure that if I have any chance of any one seeing it I need to post it here, although from the amount of comments that you seem to get posted, not many people care much about what you have to say- I doubt anyone will see this regardless. But, having said that, I have to speak up regarding the implication that 99.5 was lax in any way regarding the coverage of Hurricane Wilma. While I respect your opinion and the right to it as stated in the first amendment, I do object to you posting what you consider to be facts with only half the story. That Friday broadcast you referenced that was "lame" was done in that manner for a reason. First off, I am the guy that hosts that show, so I am pretty sure I can speak firsthand here, whereas you were going off what you think happened. I had already been giving updates throughout that morning. It seems to me from reading that you began to listen sometime after 7AM. I am also guessing that you stopped listening after 8. So, you obviously do not know all the following that I am now going to fill you in on. The EOC offices were not answering phones until 8AM, and all I was getting were voicemails. By Friday, the calls had decreased to the point that manning them 24 hours was not a need any longer. It allowed the overworked staffs a chance to go home and rest. So, when you wanted me to be passing out information, I was only able to give the stuff I knew as fact: no school and boil water notices were remaining in effect. I was not going to say anything that was not a fact, or contributed to the rash of rumors that were already flooding the streets. Had I done that, I am sure that you would have been on here slamming me for that as well. So, when those offices opened and I had the rest of the information, I gave it all out. Yes, in between the music. Perhaps you are one of those people that likes to focus on the doom and gloom in the world. If that is the case, I suggest you no longer listen to my program. For over a week we had been doing that same format. In the days leading up to the storm and in the days following. We did go to a 24 hour coverage plan as the storm was approaching, passing over, and moving away. We took listener calls on the air to answer every question for them for 2 days. We had more calls than you can even fatham that thanked us for playing music because it allowed people to do something and hear something while they waited in those lines for food, gas, and supplies. We still devoted over 20 minutes an hour following our continuous coverage to updates if not more. If we talked that much on a normal basis we would be blasted by our listeners. We had guests in studio on a daily basis offering updates. In reference to that coffee shop you spoke of on that Friday morning, we had all week long been informing listeners of places that are re-opening. Everylace, not just those that use us as advertisement. It was a public service that we were happy to provide. So, what you considered as "lame" those business and their patrons appreciated.We also took the program we call "dial and deal" and switched its format to a "Help your neighbor" segment.If people had items or needed items to aid the recovery, we allowed them to ask in that setting. I guess you were also much to busy writing this uninformed posting to hear that part. Had you scanned your radio dial, you would have noticed that ALL radio stations by Friday had gone back to primary formats.Sir, 85% of Hendry County had power restored by that time. 70% of Palm Beach County, 90% of Okeechobee County, etc...get the point? There is a difference between keeping people informed and wallowing in the mud and muck of a disaster. People wanted to return to some semblence of a normal life as soon as possible, and by playing those songs and taking those requests we were able to help that process along. Maybe you did not notice the number of calls we had asking for songs, you should have..we played them all on the air. So, for you to sit here and post what are gross inaccuracies formed from only knowing a small portion of the truth- you should be embarassed. I will not ask you to issue an apology, I know people like you and they will never admit they are wrong, it is one of the faults going through life closed minded. Now, I take great comfort in knowing that this "lame" blog is so obscure that you have to "google" the exact set of words to even get it to show up( take my word, that is what happened to me when I was told of it), I still am offended at the irresponsible nature that you showed in that post. We want every listener we can possibly get, but we can do without the ones like you that apparently do not actually listen.