Saturday, December 10, 2005

Department of Labor Delists Local Labor Contractors

LABELLE, FL. -- The following individuals may not engage in any activity as
a Farm Labor Contractor or as a Farm Labor Contractor Employee as defined
by the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act. Because the
government list is updated on a continual basis, you may call 1-866-487-9243
to obtain current registration information. Only a person holding a valid
certificate issued by the Secretary of Labor may engage in farm labor
contracting activities. This list was effective as of November 30, 2005 and
indicates employers who have allegedly violated agricultural worker laws.

FLORES, Miguel A. a/k/a Miguel Angel Flores-Morales, 710 Palm Avenue,
LaBelle, FL; GONZALEZ, Leonardo, P.O. Box 732, LaBelle, FL; JOHNSON,
Gregory, 4270 Turkey Run Lane, #30, Labelle, FL; MARROQUIN, Cristoval, P.O.
Box 965, LaBelle, FL: MARTINEZ, Tereso, P.O. Box 2134, LaBelle, FL; MILLER
GROVE SERV., INC., P.O. Box 728, LaBelle, FL; MORALES, Alfonso, P.O. Box
Labelle, FL; PREMIER HARVESTING, INC., P.O. Box 951, Labelle, FL; VELA,
Julio S. Jr.
a/k/a Francisco Hernandez, P.O. Box 2102, Clewiston, FL.

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