Saturday, December 10, 2005

Help For Puppies and Kittens

Animal Rescue Needs Your Help

LABELLE, FL. (Dec. 10, 2005) -- Looking to give a perfect holidy gift that
is really needed and will be gratefully accepted? Our favorite Hendry
county organization for the last 12 years has been Diane Sheppard's Animal
Rescue, Inc.. Her newest location is next to the Handy Store on County Road
78, just north of the LaBelle Bridge at 721 N. Bridge Street. Diane has
been a real heroine for the residents of Glades and Hendry county, taking
in dogs and cats that owners have abandoned or were not able to handle for
whatever reason.

Pets are available to take home, but Diane says she prefers not to have
families take pets during the holidays but wait until after all the frantic
Christmas shopping and activities are over. The staff does screen those
wanting pets to make sure they will go to good homes.

Not receiving much publicity, Diane and her volunteers have quietly taken
care of thousands of pets for over a decade in our area. The shelter is the
area's only "no kill" facility. At this time Animal Rescue, Inc. is in
great need for cash donations, or any pet supplies and pet food that anyone
can provide. The shelter now has about 45 dogs and 60 cats that need your
help. Please feel free to call 612-0228 and ask how you can help or drop by
with your donations. The mailing address For Animal Rescue is P.O. Box
2441, LaBelle, Fl. 33975.

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