Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Death Of Fidel Castro - Impact On SW Florida?

Controversy Continues

LABELLE, FLORIDA -- According to news sources in Madrid, Spain, Cuba's long-time leader Fidel Castro may be in very grave condition after three operations that did not go as planned. The newspaper El Pais said two sources report a "grave infection in the large intestine...and various complications" have left Castro with a "very grave prognosis."

Although Castro ceded power in July to brother Raul Castro, much speculation and rumor is spreading around the Cuban countryside and the world. Life goes on as usual in the socialist country while 80-year old Castro lingers on.

According to a local Cuban newspaper "Periodico 26" Ecuadorian President-elect Rafael Correa met Sunday with Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage in Quito, Ecuador and sent a greeting to Cuban leader Fidel Castro wishing him a speedy recovery. And the US peace group led by Cindy Sheehan is due to stage a vigil at that country's naval base in Guantanamo, Cuba on Thursday, to protest the US jail in that territory.

In other news from the island nation, controversy continues as US courts continue to award frozen Cuban funds to US citizens. According to Cuban press reports, "Cuba denounced on Wednesday that the US government has stolen over 170 million dollars of the total amount of Cuban funds frozen in that country." Cuba's foreign ministry said this is the fourth time since 1959 the US courts have taken funds from Cuba as part of the blockade policy against them.

US citizens Janet Ray Weininger and Dorothy Anderson McCarthy received a total of $72,126,884 from frozen Cuban funds of accounts at Cuba's National Bank and Telecommunications Enterprise.

Janet Ray Weininger is the daughter of pilot Thomas Willard Ray, a CIA agent who died during the "Bay of Pigs" invasion in 1961. His body was kept in Cuba for 18 years due to the US government's refusal to recognize his identity, said the Cuban government. It had been falsely stated by the US government that he had been executed that year, the Cuban government claimed. Dorothy McCarthy is the daughter of Howard Anderson, who was allegedly tortured and killed in Cuba.

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