Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FPL Coal Power Plant - Glades Being Deceived?

St. Lucie Commissioner Says FPL 'Intentionally Deceiving'

MOORE HAVEN, FLORIDA -- In a communication to a Glades County commissioner, St. Lucie County Commissioner Charles Grande says FPL's proposed power plant in central Glades county is old technology and should not be allowed because of pollution emissions. The letter was sent to Glades Commission Donna Storter Long. Commissioner Long was the lone dissenter when the Glades Commissioners decided by vote to ignore a letter of caution from St. Lucie Commissioner Craft regarding the FPL proposal. The letter to Commissioner Long is published in full below:

"My name is Charles Grande and I am the county Commissioner for St Lucie County District 4. I'm sure you are getting all of the coal plant data on both sides but, I thought I should give you my sense of what caused our County Commission to change from a group eager to hear this proposal to help diversify our sources of energy production while bringing jobs and tax revenues to our county, to a group solid in their opposition who voted it down unanimously.

The points on both sides were many and compelling but, at the end of the day, after an enormous investigation effort, it became clear that FPL was intentionally deceiving us regarding the fact they were proposing an out of date technology while trying to offset the clear dangers with a very advanced "scrubbing" process. We learned that the "pulverized" coal burning
process had been replaced by "Gasification (IGCC)", a process light years better because the process itself removed almost all of the harmful elements up front, during the process of gasifying the coal, before burning.

While this far more modern technology cost about 20% more in the capital construction cost of the power generation portion of the facility, much of the extra cost was actually recovered by the elimintion of the cost needed for scrubbing emissions produced by a pulverized coal plant. The differences in such lethal emissions as mercury are stunning. It is clear that the only reason pulverized coal plants are stll allowed is that standards geared to the really clean burning IGCC plants would outlaw all other existing coal plants which is simply not feasible in today environment. If backed into a corner, even FPL will admit that IGCC is the future while pulverization is the past.

There are gasification plants in operation all over the country with emission figures that put the plant being proposed to your group to shame. One operational plant is as close as Tampa. FPL is simply behind the times and unwilling to update their technological capability to the point where they would be competent to implement such a plant. The irony is, FPL is actually one of the better nuclear producers, a capable manager of gas production facilities, comparitively advanced in alternate methodoligies - especially wind, but well behind the curve in coal.

Again, their presenation team will seduce you with their "dog and pony show" but, if you take the time to become even marginally knowledgeable about the alternatives available, your decision will become clear and simple.

I hope the foregoing is helpful. Considering the jobs and taxes picture, I know you are in a tough position - we've been there before you - but your residents, like ours, deserve the very best FPL can deliver and this proposal simply doesn't make the grade."


  1. Jay Draiman5:33 PM


    In order to insure energy and economic independence as well as better economic growth without being blackmailed by foreign countries, our country, the United States of America’s Utilization of Energy sources must change.
    "Energy drives our entire economy." We must protect it. "Let's face it, without energy the whole economy and economic society we have set up would come to a halt. So you want to have control over such an important resource that you need for your society and your economy." The American way of life is not negotiable.
    Our continued dependence on fossil fuels could and will lead to catastrophic consequences.

    The federal, state and local government should implement a mandatory renewable energy installation program for residential and commercial property on new construction and remodeling projects with the use of energy efficient material, mechanical systems, appliances, lighting, etc. The source of energy must by renewable energy such as Solar-Photovoltaic, Geothermal, Wind, Biofuels, etc. including utilizing water from lakes, rivers and oceans to circulate in cooling towers to produce air conditioning and the utilization of proper landscaping to reduce energy consumption. (Sales tax on renewable energy products should be reduced or eliminated)

    The implementation of mandatory renewable energy could be done on a gradual scale over the next 10 years. At the end of the 10 year period all construction and energy use in the structures throughout the United States must be 100% powered by renewable energy. (This can be done by amending building code)

    In addition, the governments must impose laws, rules and regulations whereby the utility companies must comply with a fair “NET METERING” (the buying of excess generation from the consumer at market price), including the promotion of research and production of “renewable energy technology” with various long term incentives and grants. The various foundations in existence should be used to contribute to this cause.

    A mandatory time table should also be established for the automobile industry to gradually produce an automobile powered by renewable energy. The American automobile industry is surely capable of accomplishing this task. As an inducement to buy hybrid automobiles (sales tax should be reduced or eliminated on American manufactured automobiles).

    This is a way to expedite our energy independence and economic growth. (This will also create a substantial amount of new jobs). It will take maximum effort and a relentless pursuit of the private, commercial and industrial government sectors commitment to renewable energy – energy generation (wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, geothermal, energy storage (fuel cells, advance batteries), energy infrastructure (management, transmission) and energy efficiency (lighting, sensors, automation, conservation) (rainwater harvesting, water conservation) (energy and natural resources conservation) in order to achieve our energy independence.

    "To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality."

    Jay Draiman, Energy Consultant
    Northridge, CA. 91325
    Jan. 24, 2007

    P.S. I have a very deep belief in America's capabilities. Within the next 10 years we can accomplish our energy independence, if we as a nation truly set our goals to accomplish this.
    I happen to believe that we can do it. In another crisis--the one in 1942--President Franklin D. Roosevelt said this country would build 60,000 [50,000] military aircraft. By 1943, production in that program had reached 125,000 aircraft annually. They did it then. We can do it now.
    The American people resilience and determination to retain the way of life is unconquerable and we as a nation will succeed in this endeavor of Energy Independence.

    Solar energy is the source of all energy on the earth (excepting volcanic geothermal). Wind, wave and fossil fuels all get their energy from the sun. Fossil fuels are only a battery which will eventually run out. The sooner we can exploit all forms of Solar energy (cost effectively or not against dubiously cheap FFs) the better off we will all be. If the battery runs out first, the survivors will all be living like in the 18th century again.

    Every new home built should come with a solar package. A 1.5 kW per bedroom is a good rule of thumb. The formula 1.5 X's 5 hrs per day X's 30 days will produce about 225 kWh per bedroom monthly. This peak production period will offset 17 to 24 cents per kWh with a potential of $160 per month or about $60,000 over the 30-year mortgage period for a three-bedroom home. It is economically feasible at the current energy price and the interest portion of the loan is deductible. Why not?

    Title 24 has been mandated forcing developers to build energy efficient homes. Their bull-headedness put them in that position and now they see that Title 24 works with little added cost. Solar should also be mandated and if the developer designs a home that solar is impossible to do then they should pay an equivalent mitigation fee allowing others to put solar on in place of their negligence.

    Installing renewable energy system on your home or business increases the value of the property and provides a marketing advantage.

    Nations of the world should unite and join together in a cohesive effort to develop and implement MANDATORY RENEWABLE ENERGY for the sake of humankind and future generations.

  2. IGCC technology is very hot right now. It sounds great - zero emissions coal.

    There's only one problem, it doesn't work. At least not yet. It's an experimental technology being tested out in small increments at selected sites around the country. The government is subsidizing its use and the largest ones built are only a fraction the size of what is required, and there reliability is marginal at best. These facts can't be ignored when it is the elderly, the infirmed, and the poor who suffer the greatest without affordable, reliable power.

    I don't want to be a guinea pig for new technology when it's 105 degrees in July.

    The proposed FPL plant is utilizing the most advanced technology available. And it's being built with the ability to be retrofitted with future technologies, including IGCC, should they become viable.

    Till then, I'm putting my faith in proven technology. I

  3. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Renewable natural resources are those that, with proper care can be maintained or even increase. The main renewable resources are plants and animals. In turn the plants and animals depend for their livelihood on other renewable resources are the water and soil. Although water is abundant, it is not permanent resource since it is easily contaminated. Once contaminated it is very difficult to restore water purity