Monday, January 08, 2007

Governor Crist Wants Less Gobbledygook

We Hope "Clear Messages" Start With The Governor's Press Office

LABELLE, FLORIDA – Governor Crist today met with Holly Benson, Secretary of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and her senior staff to discuss the implementation process for the Governor’s Plain Talk Initiative. "The people are entitled to clear communication with their government," Said Governor Crist. "This is the people’s government, and clear, plain language will be used to make it open and transparent to all," (Apparently speaking to government documents and agency writing that is mostly so badly written you need a lawyer to interpret.)

Governor Crist established the Plain Talk Initiative in his first executive order to ensure clear, common language is used in government documents and information is presented in a logical sequence. The new standards require short sentences written in active voice and a visually clear layout design. The deadline for review of existing communications, publications and other documents is April 2, 2007. (Well, ok. The first sentence of this paragraph had 30 words.)

"Citizen and employee feedback is a critical component of this program and will ensure a higher standard of service to all Floridians," said Robert Sparks, Assistant Chief of Staff for Citizen Services. ("Feedback is a critical component." You mean, telling you what we think is important?)

Citizens and state employees will have the ability to offer suggestions or examples of government communications that are unclear, confusing, or contain language not commonly used in everyday conversation. A “Plain Talk” icon will be created on

"Gobbledygook" means something expressed in an overly complicated or baffling manner.  First used by Maury Maverick in 1944 during War War II. The editor of the Sunday Morning news prays that these maladjustments culminate co-extensively with the problem areas and alternative, but nevertheless meaningful minimae, will ultimately apply herein.

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