Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Water Use Restrictions

LABELLE, FL. -- The South Florida Water Management District has issued new emergency water restrictions for most all of Southwest Florida including Hendry, Glades, Lee and Collier county. As usual, the government's legaleze as drafted in the new order by the lawyers makes the new regulations almost indecipherable by most readers. The agency has declared the area in a severe water shortage status.

The SFWMD has provided a 16 page copy of the new regulations to local governments and for those interested: 16-pages of new water emergency regulations

Generally speaking it appears that most people will not abide by the new rules as contained in the 16 page document, which generally provides for only two days a week for residential agricultural watering or vehicle washing and "voluntary" reductions to 50 gallons per day per individual for home use, and also voluntary reductions for commercial water use.

There appears to be no real mechanism to enforce the water emergency rules, unless local government choose to do so, and then because the rules are fairly complex we expect there will be no enforcement in Hendry or Glades county.

The SFWMD says people can also check out their web site for information but when we checked, one would have to spend considerable time to try to locate the new information on the website. We have to admit we could find nothing with the April 13 regulations there when we checked Saturday at 4 p.m.

South Florida Water Management District website

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