Friday, July 27, 2007

Global Warming Hitting Florida?

LABELLE, FL. -- On average, Florida was half a degree warmer in 2006, and human activity is to blame. In 2006, Pensacola sweated through 84 days where the mercury climbed to 90 degrees or higher, 26 more than normal. Tallahassee had 114, 23 more than normal. Fort Myers, with 113 days, equaled its historical average. Orlando topped the charts with 136 days, 31 more than normal.

But the report also shows that the heating was uneven. Key West had 15 fewer 90-plus days last year. Vero Beach had three fewer and Tampa had six fewer. The report found that average nighttime lows were 0.09 degrees warmer in Pensacola last year and 0.1 degrees warmer in Fort Myers. But they were 0.1 degrees colder in Tallahassee. In 2006, the average temperature was 0.8 degrees above normal in Tallahassee. It also showed that last year, the average maximum temperature, or daily high, was 1.4 degrees above normal in Tallahassee.

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