Friday, July 27, 2007

Ten LaBelle Home Sales This Month

LABELLE, FL. -- From June 26 to July 24, there were 10 homes sold in the LaBelle area for an average price of $225,600. More homes were sold in the city of LaBelle than normal. Port LaBelle sales, usually topping the sales list, included only four of the ten homes sold.

Foreclosures are increasing, including one complaint filed this month and the Hendry courthouse against First Class Builders, Inc. by First Florida Bank alleging that the company is delinquent on mortgage payments on five Port LaBelle parcels owned by the Naples based real estate company.

Sales this month:

1) $184,000 on 5th Ave
2) $220,000 on 5th Ave
3) $231,000 on Hardee St
4) $174,000 on Keystone Cir (Port LaBelle)
5) $260,000 on Oklahoma Ave
6) $195,000 on Park Ln
7) $100,000 on Schooner Dr (Port LaBelle)
8) $210,000 on E Sunflower Cir (Port LaBelle)
9) $541,000 on S Davis St
10) $141,000 on W Palomar Cir (Port LaBelle)

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