Monday, August 20, 2007

Teacher Discipline Reports Online

How To Find Sanctions Against Teachers' Licenses

LABELLE, FL. -- Parents can check state misconduct records of their children's teachers on a public website beginning this week. Last Tuesday, the State Board of Education unanimously approved that and several other changes - mostly technical - in teacher disciplinary procedures, but none will be as far-reaching as the website.

The information will be posted in the educator quality section of the Education Department's website. Searches can be done by teacher's name or by county. Information on teachers who have been accused of misconduct will include complaints, dispositions, and sanctions, if any, which can range from letters of reprimand to license revocations. Private school parents may have even more incentive to check out the website. Teachers who have lost their certificates cannot work in public schools, but they can be hired by private schools.

Department of Education Teacher Misconduct Search

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