Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Immokalee Students Talk To Space Station

Students To Talk With Astronauts Tuesday

IMMOKALEE, FL. --  Students in Immokalee have a chance to speak directly with the NASA Astronaut and two Russian Cosmonauts currently on board the International Space Station on September 4.  The students will be taking part in a video downlink with the ISS at 10:40 am on Tuesday, September 4.  The exchange between the 7 and 8 grade students and the scientists on board the ISS will last about 20 minutes, and according to NASA, this may very well be one of the last educational downlink opportunities offered by the ISS.  Collier County�s two NASA explorer schools are among only 30 schools in the world to ever enjoy this unique experience.

Astronaut Clay Anderson and Cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Fyodor Yurchikhin will entertain questions posed by Immokalee and Pine Ridge students.  They will discuss operations on board the ISS, science experiments currently being conducted, and they�ll answer questions about what life is like in space.  Questions being composed by the students in advance, will be asked live by the students Tuesday morning.

Students attending the school district�s other schools, and anyone with basic cable TV service in Collier County or NASA TV on  satellite TV will be able to watch the satellite feed of the video downlink live at 10:40 am on Tuesday, September 4.

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