Sunday, November 11, 2007

Landowners And Tenants To Save Thousands

Groups Now Petitioning To Eliminate Government Tax "Rent" Payments

LABELLE, FL. -- Under proposals by several organizations, Florida's property taxes are to be abolished by state constitutional amendment, saving all property owners and current renters thousands of dollars annually.  Critics of the current property tax system say the taxes amount to an antiquated,  inequitable permanent annual local government "rent" payment by taxpayers but passed through to all citizens.

One such organization, "Not Good Enough Florida"  and it's "Florida Fair Tax Alternative" says the state can receive enough government funds through sales taxes and service fees to meet its budget and not rely on property taxes, which they say are unfair burdens on property owners that trickle down ultimately to extra costs for renters and tenants as well.

The average property owner now pays almost two percent of a property value towards property taxes each year including  special district fees for  water control, recreation, street lights, fire fighting, and trash collection, all of which are added to property tax bills by separate districts depending on the property location in each county. These tax costs are passed directly through by landlords to tenants. A typical family renting a home is paying about two months of their rent to cover property tax payments to the government.

Because no one escapes the costs of the property tax, proponents want local governments to find other ways to collect funds including eliminating current sales tax exceptions including those on stadium skyboxes, charter fishing boats, animal feed, landscapers, pool services, and off road fuel. They say about half of the state and local budgets can be met by eliminating these special exemptions under current laws.

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