Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mystery Sky Object To Appear November 11

Look Overhead Tonight For Spectacular Flash

LABELLE, FL. -- Tonight just before sundown, a spectacular flash in the sky will happen over western Hendry county and eastern Lee county.  What is it?  We'll let readers guess for now, and let their curiosity peak and just go out and see it and do a bit of research, and email your guess as to what you see.

Here's how to see the event:  From western Hendry county, At exactly 5:54 P.M. Sunday night look to the North northeast (at 29 degrees east of due north) and look nearly straight up (actually 71 degrees up) and you will see something for a few seconds as bright as the brightest star in the sky. After a second or so it will disappear.

For a truly spectacular view, travel to the Alva area, in eastern Lee county and see the same object in the sky, but about 500 times brighter than those viewing from Hendry county. From Alva the object will appear twice as bright as the the planet Venus which appears near sunrise in the east daily as the "morning star," and this object will also be the brightest object in the sky you will ever see after the moon and sun.

While you're looking for this object, also look to the southwest sky and the brightest object there will be the planet Jupiter.  With a telescope you can easily see Jupiter's moons orbiting around this planet. To the northeast look for the comet Holmes. It's a very large fuzzy object about 45 degrees up in the sky in the constellation Perseus.  Several weeks ago Comet Holmes was not visible, except with a telescope, but expanded to over 500,000 miles wide in a matter of hours last month. Best viewing is with binoculars to see this very large comet ball.

For the maximum viewing brightness of the "mystery" object tonight go to the location on this map. Anywhere on a north-south line from this location will allow seeing the maximum brightness.

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