Friday, May 09, 2008

How Much Child Support?

Average Is $425 Monthly Says Census Report

LABELLE, FL. -- Monthly child support payments averaged $425 in 2005. Across the nation, nearly 8 million people provided $43 billion in monetary support to people living in other households in 2005. Monetary support is primarily for children, although it also includes support for other nonhousehold members, such as parents or other relatives.

Seventy-three percent of support providers made payments for their own children younger than 21 in 2005. The average amount each support provider paid for child support in 2005 was $5,100, for a total of $28.7 billion nationwide. About 2.1 million providers supported people other than their children younger than 21, with 40% of these providing support for their parents.

About 87% of child support providers were male. In 2005, male support providers spent a median of $3,900 and an average of $5,200 for child support.

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