Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poll - Best Sheriff Choice (Democrat)


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Hey just look up the family history for Dyess. Every one in Hendry county knows the convicted cocaine smuggling history of the former Dyess sheriff.

  2. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Whats your point ,like you said everyone knows the history.Earl Dyess was a good man ,Serman the drug smuggler was a big disappointment,I would like to think this one would follow in Earl Dyess steps .......Looks like by Fernandez picture on his site he marched in the illegal immagrant march holding the American flag with a mexican flag behind him yeah thats someone I want ,,,Marching with a bunch of law breakers.

  3. Anonymous8:43 PM

    There is no choice on the demo side has to Dyess, at least he has management background.
    Would be a lot better than the past 2 sheriff's
    Whidden would be a return of Steve Worley etc group

  4. Anonymous12:55 AM

    The Cocaine Smuggling Sheriff Dyess was not a disappointment to many. He was what Hendry County represented back then and still does... a protected drug factory and Depot. While I can NOT say this Dyess dude individualy is a doper, I can sure say that the former family member and sheriff Dyess was a dirtbag doper with one of the biggest Cocaine Smugglers around- Falcon and Magluta! You tell me that dopers do not own this corrupt vice controlled dope town.
    That being said I can not, and will not ever trust a Sheriff with a family history of "Cocaine Smuggling while Sheriff" serving the public trust.
    Hey, call me crazy.

  5. Anonymous4:37 PM

    And the Steve Worley group would be a bad thing ??
    Your an ass clown!!

  6. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Fred Dyess has integrity and character. He would represent our community well - As far as drugs.....he wants to put forth his best effort to make our community drug-free to the best of his ability.

  7. Why does a person have to be judged for something their family member has done.. Dyess Jr is his own person, and I happen to believe that he would be a great leader for our county. Keep up the good work FRED!!!

  8. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Nobody blames him personally!!! The fact is that many honest law abiding citizens and his own deputies would not trust him. Some one that has a familly history of a Sheriff Dope Smuggler should stay the hell away from trying to be a sheriff.
    Come on, do you think we are all stipid or do you think everyone in Hendry county is a dope dealer or trafficker?

  9. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I personally would not trust a deputy under his control.
    -Like I said before- call me crazy!

  10. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Fred Dyess is a honest man!!!! Those of you who choose to not vote for him are all idiots!!!!!!!!!!!