Friday, May 23, 2008

Salvage Yard Raided

Got Stolen Vehicles? You Bet! 36!

LABELLE, FL. -- On Wednesday, May 14, 2008 Deputies with the Hendry County Sheriff's Office responded to Labelle Truck and Auto Salvage/Labelle Recycling Center located at 185 A Road in Labelle after receiving information concerning stolen vehicles that were allegedly located at the salvage yard.

When the Deputies arrived they were able to make contact with the victim and owner of the stolen vehicles, who was able to identify the vehicles as the ones that he had recently discovered stolen.
Once the victim identified the vehicles Hendry County Sheriff�s Office Investigators, and then continued their investigation into how the vehicles had come to be at the salvage yard. During this the Investigators did conduct an inspection of the business�s records, which revealed numerous discrepancies. Investigators discovered that there were not only discrepancies with the documentation related to the stolen vehicles located on the property, but that there were also discrepancies with the documentation associated with other vehicles located on the property.
During the investigation Investigators were also able to locate two more stolen vehicles belonging to the same victim that had originally lead Deputies to the salvage yard. These vehicles were located at another salvage yard, however it was discovered in the course of the investigation that these vehicles had also originally been sold to Labelle Truck and Auto Salvage and that they had been transported from Labelle Truck and Auto Salvage. There were also documents located at the salvage yard indicating their purchase of them, and these also showed discrepancies.
At the conclusion of the business inspection Investigators seized numerous documents to aid in the investigation that is still ongoing and impounded 36 vehicles including the 4 stolen vehicles due to the lack of proper documentation as required by Florida State Statute. Arrests are pending

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