Monday, July 07, 2008

Cocaine Bust In Montura

Another Investigation Success In Montura Ranch Estates

LABELLE, FL. -- According to Sheriff Ronnie Lee, on July 1 Hendry County Sheriff's Narcotics Investigators conducting an undercover investigation into the Sale and Distribution of illegal drugs in the Montura area, purchased approximately 57 grams of Cocaine.

The seller, Davian Burgos, age 18 of 864 Woodland Blvd., Montura Ranch Estates, Clewiston was arrested and charged with Sale of Cocaine (3 counts) and Trafficking in Cocaine.  Bond was set at $175,000.


  1. Hiya Don.
    seems your links for "LISTEN To This Article" don't work - maybe cos simply gives nothing!? (Has it gone defunct ?)

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Hey everyone this is one of Davians friends.Well you dont have to beleive me when i tell you .Davian is not a bad guy. The reason he started selleng drugs is to make money. Theirs no jobs in montura or in clewiston fla and everyone can tell so.What yall should do is a servey of people that think their are jobs here and see want they say.Bet it wouldent be good .So befor all blam some one and call them criminals live their life put ur feet in their shoes bet you couldnt live it! So ill leave yall with this montura is not a bad place and we just need things to do and a better recreation try and give your inmates in hendry county jail theoraphy bet thats the answer and everythng i said well be true watch and see.