Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cocaine Seller Arrest

Another Montura Drug Arrest

CLEWISTON, FL. -- As a result of an undercover investigation into the sale and distribution of illegal drugs in the Montura Ranch area, Hendry County Sheriff's Narcotic Investigators arrested Davian Burgos, age 18 of 864 Woodland Blvd, Montura Ranch Estates. 

Sheriff Ronnie Lee said Burgos was charged with Sale of Cocaine (3 counts) and Trafficking in Cocaine.   Bond was set at  $175,000.


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Montura has been a protected drug and racket factory. Do your sworn job Sheriff! Protect the few law abiding citizens left there.
    Remember "protect and serve" does not extend to the gangsters, crooks, and felons running the place with impunity.

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Well it all yalls fault. Because the way we see it is we have to live somehow.If their no job to work how do you want us to eat,and supply food foe our kids.Yes i know drugs are bad and their agaist the law.Well all i have to say is sorry for haven to live the hard life.And you should be glad u havent lived the life he has. Davin needs help he has a mother that dont care about him a father that left him .The kids not bad hes just lonly and need attention.I wish everyone could now him for what he is not for what hes done.And were not gangsters,and the only reason theirs crooks is their is nothing to do in Montura Ranch Estates and no jobs.What we need is help we need job in our community and things to keep the youth out of the streets.Befor yall judge someone you should see were they come from and their life and how they lived .Davians been on his own since middle school .Since i can remember ive know him for 5 years and i never seen his mother and his father ive seen once .Well hope yall under stand and see were im coming from.The main reason why people sell drugs is take one simple quess ? NO JOB .Hes never robbed anyone in his life so i leave all with that guilt .Men are inosent you make us have to find a way of life and a way to provide for our familys food and etc. Thank you for listening to me and hope u can get us help and donations to our club house in montura ranch estates well be very thankful for it .

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM

    What a bunch of Bull turd!!! The reason there are no legal jobs in Montura is because you all serve the drug dealers. That IS your job! You all are poor because you spend your drug profits on drugging your addicted pathetic selves with pot, cocaine, and meth.
    You now ask for donations for the clubhouse, the drug capital of montura? that sounds like another scam to fool people. I bet I know which drug dealer put you up to that one.
    You know perhaps if you all sell all those ATV's and campers that you CAN afford somehow you may be able to feed your families.

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Another reason there are no jobs in montura is because you white trash hillbillies, Commie Cuban mafia members, drug dealing puerto ricans etc. keep the place looking like a garbage dump. This keeps normal people away. This is just the way your drug dealing bosses want it.