Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sports - Latest Movies Free On Internet

Justin.tv Movies And Sports - Illegal Broadcasts, But Very Popular

LABELLE, FL. -- Free live sports games on the internet including soccer (futbol), basketball, baseball, football, and cricket and the latest movies can be seen free on the internet every day. Whatever sport you want to see from anywhere in the world is now available without paying for a ticket or any subscription fee. And lots of current movies are here too. Just take a look at Justin.tv and you can see it all anytime for free.

There is no charge to watch these broadcasts from around the world, nothing more than a high speed internet connection is needed, and most channels on Justin.tv have interactive chat rooms for the sports and movie fans to talk with one another as well.

But according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), it is illegal for anyone to broadcast copyrighted material such as live sports events and movies to the public without permission of the copyright owner. The sports franchises are the copyright owners of the sports events, while movie studios or production companies control the movie rights.

However, none of the broadcasting channels at Justin.tv's sports or entertainment links have permission to broadcast these sports events or movies. But, nonetheless, the web site owner, Justin.tv allows the live broadcasts unless the copyright owner notifies them that they are in violation of the copyright law.

So far it appears the copyright owners haven't noticed that Justin.tv has had nearly a million "registered" users over the last year watching illegally broadcast sports events and the latest movies on its website. Or the copyright owners have chosen not to make a copyright claim to Justin.tv yet.

Free Network TV Shows And Movies On The Internet

Justin.tv also features live network entertainment shows and current movies on the internet including U.S. shows and popular entertainment from around the world as well as the latest video games being played live on the web. Most channels also include live chat rooms where viewers can interact with each other.

But, these channels are illegally exploiting copyright laws as these broadcasts are being shown by individuals who have not obtained permission from the copyright owners, the television show or movie production companies or the video game producers. Justin.tv allows the individual channel broadcasts to air and even be archived for 30 days or more until the copyright owner notifies them of copyright violations under the DMCA.

So watch your favorite sports event and movies online free for a while more, or at least until the copyright owners shut down such websites.

Watch Live Sports Channels And Movies violating the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

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