Monday, October 13, 2008

Congressman Mahoney Pays Off Mistress

Alleged Mistress Threatened To Sue

LABELLE, FL. -- Congressman Tim Mahoney who took over the office of Congressman Mark Foley after a sex scandal, has agreed to $121,000 in payments to an alleged former mistress.

ABC News' investigative reporter Brian Ross writes that Mahoney, a married man, also promised "Patricia Allen, a $50,000 a year job for two years at the agency that handles his campaign advertising," according to what the Mahoney's staffers told Ross.

Congressman Mahoney issued this statement Monday afternoon from Stuart, Florida where he lives:

"I was notified this afternoon about a story that ran on ABC News’ website reporting allegations about a former employee. While these allegations are based on hearsay, I believe that my constituents need a full accounting. As such, I have requested the House Ethics Committee to review these allegations. I am confident that when the facts are presented that I will be vindicated." Story from ABC News
LISTEN: Audio of Congressman Firing Alleged Mistress

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  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Isn't it time Tim Mahoney's face was replaced by something a little more newsworthy like a picture of a buzzard dining on roadkill. While they have a lot in common, the buzzard is more likeable than Mahoney and even though the buzzard can't smile, if he did he would appear more trusting.