Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Biofuel Investor Sought?

Southeast Renewable Fuels, LLC announced today its plan to permit and build a 20 million gallon per year ethanol biorefineries on a 60 acre site along Highway 835 - 15 miles south of Clewiston.  The company has plans to build at least three ethanol plants around the Lake Okeechobee area.

Aaron Pepper, CEO of SRF and the Londono family have formed the core foundation of the Florida Ethanol Cooperative.  Growers and investors are invited to participate in the ethanol project related to the Hendry County site.
Aaron Pepper CEO inspecting sweet sorghum field trials.
Don Markley COO inspecting sweet sorghum field.

The feedstock will be Sweet Sorghum grown in the sandy soils around the Clewiston - La Belle areas.  SRF currently has sweet sorghum field trials underway in various types of soils in the counties surrounding Lake Okeechobee.  Sweet Sorghum is an ideal rotational crop.  There will be profit opportunities for growers and shareholders, as well as numerous industrial and agricultural jobs created.

Clewiston attorney Antonio R. Perez and SRF President, Carlos Rionda have been instrumental in these developments

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