Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boil Water Notice Cancelled - Port LaBelle

Malfunction At Port LaBelle Water Plant

LABELLE, FL. -- A boil water notice this week has been lifted for the Port LaBelle Utility Service area in Hendry County. All Port LaBelle residents were advised to bring drinking water to a rolling boil for at least one minute prior to consumption. The notice was necessary due to a pump malfunction at the water treatment plant.

The pump problem was the result of the failure of an electrical contoller. The water plant at Port LaBelle passed Bacteriological Sample Tests (BacT's) Friday from the Health Department.

The notice affected over 5,000 residents in the Port LaBelle area that spans over 11 square miles. Several schools, a hotel/restaurant and daycare facility were affected as well. Samples were immediately sent to the Health Department for testing.

The notice was issued as a precaution and there was no suspected contamination. The water pressure went below the acceptable amount, which by law requires Port LaBelle Utilities to issue the notice.

The potential health risk is a backflow situation where contaminated water might possibly enter the water mains when pressure goes below a certain level.

For further information please call 863-675-5264.


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    did someone from the city try to visit the port lablelle water plant? had to have had since a boil water notice went out.

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Thanks for the notice. Its another mistake by county administration failure to notify properly PLB residents. First that I heard was this morning when checking your site many hours later. Do they expect people to be psychic? We learned from when we lived in the City of LaBelle to always drink bottled water and keep it in the house.
    Signs at entrances would have been a nice start.

  3. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I had always worried that this would happen. Days after a boil water notice, I find out I should have been boiling the water before drinking it. The method of notifying the public is very poor in LaBelle. How can this be fixed?