Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tom McGill Still Wanted In Hendry And Okeechobee County

McGill No Show For Court - Bond Company Forfeiting $8,500

LABELLE, FL. -- Law Enforcement is still looking for Thomas William McGill Jr. who failed to show for a court hearing in LaBelle April 14th. McGill is charged with possession of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon and grand theft in Hendry County.

His bail bondsman from Arcadia will be out $8,500 if McGill isn't brought in by September 9th. Three outstanding Okeechobee county warrants will leave bondsmen there $55,000 poorer as well, if McGill ever gets jailed, and a bonding company puts up the money, and he flees again. That's the bond amount he will have to come up with to get out of an Okeechobee jail.

McGill, born September 15, 1980, 5' 11'', 170 pounds, was convicted May 26, 2004 of 1st and 3rd degree larceny, and therefore cannot possess a weapon or ammunition.

According to the crime report filed in the criminal court case, McGill is wanted on the latest charges after an investigation of the theft of a safe containing $25,000 from the La Mexicana convenience store on South State Road 29 led to finding McGill and stolen property on B Road south of LaBelle.

The report says on December 14, 2008 Hendry Sheriff's investigators arrived at a parcel of land leased by Thomas McGill, Sr. and encountered McGill, Jr. on the premises. McGill Jr. would not allow deputies to enter the property. McGill told deputies he called his father for permission to enter and then told investigators his father refused permission. However, McGill Sr. later said he received no call from his son.

McGill's mother Patricia McGill later gave permission to enter the mostly wooded lot, and investigators found 33 22-caliber bullets in a door panel in McGill's truck. On the property they found a travel trailer owned by Isaias Delacruz that had been stolen in November 2008 while parked at LaBelle Dodge, according to the report.

Also found were an air conditioner air handler, a bank ATM machine, a power nail gun, truck tool box, and power paint sprayer.

McGill was finally arrested in Arcadia, Florida February 23, 2009 after an officer spotted him apparently sleeping in a vehicle parked at an Amoco gas pump while the engine was running. Found in the vehicle, according to the report filed by Arcadia authorities were vicodin pills, a crack pipe, and marijuana.

McGill was let out of jail the next day on $8,500 bond put up by an Arcadia bondsman, but failed to show up for a Hendry court date in LaBelle July 7.

The Circuit Judge in LaBelle has ordered an arrest warrent to pick him up and to hold McGill this time around, so he won't be able to bond out again.

In Okeechobee county, he has arrest warrants out for burglary of a structure while armed, $30,000 bond; grand theft firearm, $10,000 bond; and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, $15,000 bond.

McGill is reported to be armed, so do not attempt to approach or apprehend him. If you know of his whereabouts please contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS (8477) or Hendry County Sheriff's Office at 674-5600.

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  1. Pat McGill3:25 PM

    I would like to know where you get your information from for this trash that you print, HCSO INS Robert Archer? I am Pat McGill,not to be confused with Pat at the school, and I'm here to tell you what you print is as much of a lie as that sorry, worthless lying pile of crap that Steve Whidden has working for him .You make it sound like that ATM that was stolen from Azteca with 25,000 in it, Thomas had and you know that the machine that was found at the pasture came from a trash out at 1042 NE13th plaza Cape Coral ,yes we have the paper work on it and photo. Thomas was working with Brett Davidson and Brett pulled it in there with his truck The travel trailer was pulled in by Troy Terrell in Oct not Nov and I think you might need to look alittle further into that why did Mr.Delacruz waited til Nov to report it missing if he even did .The nail Gun is on the list of items that was to be returned and Dewayne Pratt couldn't find it ,yes I have the paper work,the paint sprayer another trash out item that came from Sarasota .At the pastureThomas asked Archer if he was under arrest ,he said no and Thomas left .Robert Archer broke into the locked truck to search it at the end of the day not that morning as his report said and found 22 bullet in the door panel he said "there is no gun and and another investagator will be along soon and nobody needs to know about this and put the 22 bullets in his pocket".By they way Herrera and Archer just how many times was your report re written I know twice I have the 2nd one. I also know that the Sheriff told you to re write again after he took office because it was a mess and didn't make any sense that was in Feb. Also you have never given us a property report on the items you took. And no bail bondsman is out 55000.00 in Okeechobee you have to turn yourself in to get bonded out. And NO Thomas is not armed ,He was arrested in Arcadia on Hendry county warrant for the charges above he was not charge with anything else no vicodine ,no pipe and no marajuana. He has never been armed .You insist on putting that in there because you want some poor cop from another county to shoot him and have to live it not knowing the whole story. If Thomas wanted to hurt anyone He could have done it when you Archer was chasing him and he steped off the trail and the dog and you went by him so close he could have touched you I have always been told that cops were trained LIARS and didn't beleive it you have proved me wrong .This isn't the end of this .If I would close my eyes I would swear that Wyatt Henderson was back in CID .And if Southwest Florida online wants the whole story call me I will start in 1999 to present day I NEVER THOUGHT WE WOULD HAVE TO FIGHT OUR OWN SHERIFF DEPT. . Pat McGill

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Whidden is just as bad as Ronnie Lee. We really thought he was going to be different but the way he is allowing all the crap to go on the way it is, plus keeping the idiots on that he does, sure enough is different that what he told us when he was campaigning. Not to mention promises to your face and then turning around and lying about it when you are not around. He will tell you one thing and do another.

    Sorry Ms McGill, we can sure relate to your problem.

    Whidden, what a joke.

  3. Pat McGill6:19 PM

    Oh and Yes he did go to court April 14th and He did go to court May 26 at 1;00 and the judge told him to bring an attourney with him on July 7th he didn't have a attourney so he didn't go.These court dates are verifiable through the clerks office.I really wish you knew something honest journalism I also have the voice mail that Archer left for Thomas If I knew how to put it on here I would ,The Sheriff Dept. would be PROUD.But I do have it on C.D.

  4. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I have to agree with you about Whidden being just as bad as ronnie Lee, I ally believed in him, I thought heas a good honest guy. He is not, I will be voting for him next election. There are stories around about him, he better keep his nose clean. Some of the accusations are sickining and I have heard the same story from three invdividuals.

  5. Anonymous10:41 PM

    WHAT is happening to this department? It went from bad to worse in as little as 6 months! and it keeps on getting worse. the deputys are not any more courteous, in fact we have seen much more blatantly, downright could care less attitudes, no more deputys on the road like he promised immediately (his words), staff changes so quickly in the process, its almost like he doesn't know what he is doing. he was accused of that early on but I voted for him thinking it was the other candidates throwing mud at him, but i am beginning to wonder now. and the stories are getting worse and worse everyday. i can understand the money he was left and all but geez money has nothing to do with behaviors, work ethics, and enforcing the bad apples that are still there.

    what about all that staff he has in place and touts about their experience and ability? Either that is a lie too, or something is wrong. is this county just cursed or what?

    I dont know the McGill boy or his family and am not writing this for sticking up for him or anything. it is because of what i see, read, and hear everyday, and how i have been treated by his great deputys.

  6. Anonymous12:03 AM

    I have a feeling that SWF online and HCSO has rattled the wrong cage

  7. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Isn't there some kind of law or office within all law enforcement agencies in this country called internal affairs? And who decides when they are suppose to investigate their own because the Deputies and the Sherrif are suspected of not being honest and targeting certain individuals just because of their past, like Thomas McGill? Isn't it considered to be harrassment? And what about instead of thoroughly doing what they're paid and trusted to do, with taxpayers hard earned money they spend it creating a media circus. I want to know who HCSO is going to blame when they can't blame Thomas? He's not the only person ever arrested or been in trouble with the law. So why aren't they looking or flashing wanted pictures of anyone else on their system. Especially when the county responsible for all the media attention only issued a warrant for failure to appear? Is that all it takes to have a all out man hunt after you? I'm sure there are more dangerous wanted individuals they could spend their days and nights looking for. I'm worried if Thomas is tried in either of the two counties, he will not receive a fair trial. He should ask about having it moved to a different county.

  8. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I sure hope that tommy jr, turns himself in somewhere else that these places before one of the shoot happy deputys that have been around since worley days (we all know about that one) and the one that shoots at cars sideways and then says he was in fear (we know about that one) and still works there.

    pretty bad when we cant go to work and such and have to worry about this

    internal affairs is a fact in most places. however it is run and governed by the sheriff himself, and i understand this internal affairs agent he has workin for him is about as crooked as they come. i heard the other day in a previous job that some girl officer or deputy or someone, had one of them electric stun guns that she was given and ronnie lee wanted it back. she couldnt find it because the story was told that she was given a new car to drive and left the gun in car. this agent that now works for whidden had found the gun and never ever returned it to her and she got fired for it, even though she asked everyone about it. she works for another agency now i think.
    in fact she sued ronnie lee if i recall. but that agent set her up and to this day still has it supposedly.

    now if they dont even look out and protect their own do you really think that they will protect us?

    so i dont think an internal here in this place is worth the salt

  9. Anonymous10:47 AM

    What about having the case tried in a different county that doesn't and hasn't heard of thomas mcgill and how incompetent our law enforcement is.

  10. Anonymous11:00 AM

    What i meant to say i will not be voting for whidden next election! NO WAY!

  11. Anonymous2:59 PM

    If it is truly a concern that Thomas will NOT recieve a fair trial in Hendry county it can be requested they move it. I knowing the Mcgills, and Thomas agree that with all the bad blood and past history it would be best that he be tried in another county. There are too many people in Labelle/ Hendry Co that are still sour about previous occurances and there are too many family members of others involved that find it easier to put all the blame on Thomas rather than let there kin take some of the blame. Dont get me wrong I am NOT saying I believe Thomas is 100% innocent or squeeky clean like a rubber ducky but everyone deserves a fair trial. I would like to extend my best wishes to Mrs Pat and Mr Tommy, I know they have been thru hell and back over all of this..No matter what we have to remember that Thomas is there Son and any of us with children know we would do anything for them. I just wish Thomas would stop to think of then before he gets himself involved in these kinds of messes.

  12. Anonymous3:24 PM

    This is not so much about a fair trial this is more about the corruption in the dept

  13. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Ahhhh right an entire police department of a county must be corrupt. All the accusations and stories have to be lies. I forgot this Thomas Mcgill we are talking about is Jesus Christ in a wrangler and white T-shirt costume. He has been chosen to be sacrificed by Hendry Co. Sherrifs department. I just saw the news flash on FOX news the Pope himself has announced Thomas Mcgill has been sent from heaven to pay for all dope addicts sins.
    Please people can you really say he has done absolutley nothing wrong?

  14. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Retarded ,and can't read nobody has said he s done nothing wrong BUT DOES THE SHERIFF DEPT HAVE TO BE AS CORRUPT

  15. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Boo Hoo...Cry me a river...Lets talk after your washing machine and dryer end up getting traded for a bag of dope compliments of yours truly. What goes around comes around.

  16. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Doesnt susan harrell lok over the publication that goes out ?why would she put the sheriff dept in jepardy with another law suit and i do think that is what it gonna be

  17. Anonymous11:45 PM

    SWFL online You forgot to tell us you edited the story

  18. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Don Browne printed this on another blog,,

    Oh the irony.

    He really should pay attention to these words dont you think?

    "Attention: Don Browne - Editor

    "SLANDER" [slan-der]- 5 dictionary results

    Use slander in a Sentence
    –noun 1. defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
    2. a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.
    3. Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.

    –verb (used with object) 4. to utter slander against; defame.

    –verb (used without object) 5. to utter or circulate slander"

  19. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Actually don browne has information inncorrect and really should know this as a journalist, it would be libel.


  20. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Let me understand this so I don't "slander" anyone, there is no corruption in the police dept.Let me just let all of you know I have personal experience with the SO and believe me there are some deputies left there from prior command and when things are said and done it will all be let out. Tommy needs to turn himself in in another county to a state attorney so atleast he has a right to a fair trial.The thing that really confuses me is that there are alot of accusations on here and on the forum about the sheriff and his men and why has the fdle not seen this and get involved in this small town corruption not just the police, the state attorney, the DCF, they need to come into the town and tare it apart. I knew that it use to be but I must have been sleeping with my head in the sand because it just seems that there are people in this town that policy and procedures do not apply to them I mean after all we are stuck out here who is going to know or what's worse who is going to tell?

  21. Anonymous6:32 PM

    True,But as a Taxpayer I demand to know how much money has been spent on this All Out Man Hunt,Helecopters man power and hours for a person who has been convicted of nothind except Failure to appear (people fail to appear every week)and it needs to be printed on here for all of the county to see As a citizen Who in the hell are we to call and trust the law ,Idon't know about that

  22. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Lets turn the focus back to the point at hand, Thomas. Here he is, being defended again, by none other than his mother. That is the reason he is in this in the first place. She has done nothing but bail him out and stick up for him. I agree with the Fox News Flash about the Pope. Who they hell do you people think he is? There is a reason, a good one, that he is Hendry County's most wanted. Maybe he is only wanted on a bond (in this county) for failing to appear, but what about all the crap that he has done since then, in several other counties. And please, just like a mother to point the finger at somebody else. Her poor baby has done no wrong, BOO-HOO! Even if these other people, have actually done the stealing, Thomas isn't completely innocent for letting them keep it on his property. Takes a criminal to know a criminal.

  23. Anonymous11:02 PM

    i'm gonna talk to the last person here iknown tommy an pat for 30 plus years .now if tommy mcgill said it by god you can bet it is the truth .i hadnt read anywhere that pat pointed the finger at anyboby if she said terrell guy pulled that trialer in then she has proof and she said davidson guy and thomas worked together that dont look like nothing but a fact to me .tommy told me the story because he was there.and you said boohoo these people dont burden anybody with there problems and you will never see them cry to anybody about their problems they keep to themselves.i think the kids comments is on the other story you can go there somebody will listen to you last thing is tommy and pat paid for thomas a lawyer one time that last time they didnt so you dont know all you think you do and lawmen from two other counties cometo talk to tommy and told him what to do about these lawmen,they come to him not the otherway around

  24. Anonymous6:10 PM

    wow does anyone understand a word the illiterate person said above? Yee haw!

  25. Anonymous10:56 PM

    he smokes crank... and is a worthless father to his daughter..thomas =piecie of shit

  26. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I agree. What kind of person turns there back on there own flesh and blood? Not just your child but your sick Father, worried Mother, Little Brother, He doesnt even care that his family has to sell off there possetions to try and help him. His family will never get to sit back relax and be happy cause of him. What mother wouldnt lay awake at night worried for her son? Poor Pat. When they do catch him they should never let him go, he will never change..

  27. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Sell their possessions, where in the hell do yall get yalls info from, what have they sold ?Do yourself a favor so you don't look like idiots,get informed!

  28. Anonymous3:28 PM

    There are Mean Spirited people out there the news shouldn't use Anonymous most people on here are cowards and would never sign their name .Kate

    1. Anonymous9:29 PM


  29. I think Mr.Don Browne makes this stuff up as he goes along!! Does he work for The Star or TMZ. He's a JOKE NOT A Jouralist

  30. Anonymous11:08 AM

    He's really bored. But What an imagination

  31. Anonymous8:48 PM

    troy terrell.. that nigga lives in south dakota. get real. does anybody know of troy terrell doin drugs....???? NOTTT! hes been there for everybody.. yall need to catch the real fugitives!

  32. Anonymous11:34 AM

    James paul said that thomas was arrested in the past few days?? Does anyone know if thats true???

  33. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Yes Thomas has been arrested as of Sept. 12th. So I guess these blogs can stop now.

  34. james6:42 PM

    this is james paul i have not talked to thomas or know anything about his arrest so who ever said i told them is a liar.

  35. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I believe Thomas has a drug problem and needs rehab. Drugs really do crazy things to your brain and everyone is different.He comes from a loving family. Tommy and Pat are good down to earth people the finest you'll ever meet.Brown I noticed you didn't write about the girl that was arrested with Thomas. I guess you just pick and choose. He has lost half of his family these last two years and it was heartbreaking.He was lock up in Labelle waiting for the prosecution/ cops to do there shell game.They operate just like Browne they get addicted to a story,and no matter what, they lie as far as it will take them. What a joke they are.If I lost half of my family like thomas I think I would need drugs too. But he was locked up. And that along with the addiction he had no one inside to help cope with it all. Inside makes you nuts.!! I really hope someone out there can help him. I don't think more jail time would help.