Monday, November 02, 2009

Babcock Ranch Receives Award


TALLAHASSEE -- The Florida Section of the Society for Range Management announced that Babcock Ranch will receive the first Grazing Lands Stewardship Award. The society and the Florida Grazing Lands Coalition jointly give this award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the ranching community in the areas of grazing and wildlife management.

"It is especially gratifying that Babcock Ranch has been chosen for this award," Bronson said. "The accomplishment of producing an outstanding ranching operation while providing enhanced wildlife habitat for unique South Florida wildlife is an example of outstanding public private partnership."

Babcock Ranch is a unique public-private partnership designed to enhance the wildlife and aesthetic values of the old Florida Ranch lands with sustainable management goals.

"This ranch is designed to show the look of old cracker cattle operation, while using the best ecological techniques from the 21st century," Bronson said.

The award was given at the fall meeting of the society on October 29, 2009, at the Babcock Ranch headquarters.

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