Monday, November 02, 2009

Biofuels Center Coming To Hendry County

$1 Million To Produce Biofuels

LABELLE, FL. -- Edison State College and the University of Florida�s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences has received a nearly $1-million grant to produce biofuels in Hendry County.

The purpose of the grant is to begin shaping the emerging biofuel industry in the area and to bring much needed economic development to the rural areas of Florida. Biofuel is defined as a fuel, such as methane, produced from renewable biological resources like plant biomass and then converted into energy.

''As the College began to plan for our recent expansion in LaBelle, we carefully evaluated the possible areas for economic growth,'' said Dr. Kenneth P. Walker, President Edison State College.  ''Biofuels is part of the national trend toward sustainable initiatives.  We believe Hendry and Glades counties offer an ideal location to become leaders in biofuel production.''

The partnership calls for Edison State to develop the curriculum to train agro-environmental technicians and to assist in educating the community relative to the project�s goals. The University of Florida is charged with developing a profitable, sustainable process for the production of biofuels to assist in environmental sustainability.  The entire amount of the grant is $950,000, of that Edison State College will receive $150,000.

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