Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lucky 13 LaBelle Home Sales?

Sales May Be Picking Up In Hendry County

LABELLE FL. -- From October 27 to November 24, there were 13 homes sold in the LaBelle area of western Hendry county for an average price of $77,615. The homes sold were a mixture of Port LaBelle resales and homes in Hendry county and the city of LaBelle.

The  LaBelle area real estate sales this month include:

1) $100,000 on 6th Ave in LaBelle
2) $195,000 on County Road 78 in Hendry County
3) $100,000 on Euclid Pl in LaBelle
4) $47,000 on Fort Keis Ave in Hendry County
5) $34,000 on Hendry St in LaBelle
6) $71,000 on Kumquat Cir in Port LaBelle
7) $69,000 on Nobles Rd in Hendry County
8) $130,000 on Pollywog Pt in LaBelle
9) $60,000 on Ramrod Cir in Port LaBelle
10) $40,000 on N Edgewater Cir in Port LaBelle
11) $50,000 on S Davis St in LaBelle
12) $83,000 on S Edgewater Cir in Port LaBelle
13) $30,000 on W Crow Cir in Port LaBelle

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  1. This is good news to be thankful for.

    I hope and pray that the recession has bottomed out and people can find jobs.