Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hendry-Glades - Record High Electric Bills

Electric Bills High Due To Record Low Temps

LABELLE, FL. -- Residents of Hendry and Glades county will be in for a shock this month as they receive their January electric bills.  Record low night-time temperatures of freezing and near-freezing for night after night resulted in heating systems being on for more hours than normal, causing extremely high power usage.

Most electric customers will note power usage of up to three times what it was last year. However, the total bill will be lower than it could have been due to a one time rebate from FPL. The company says, "This appears as a line item called "Fuel credit." It's calculated based on your actual kilowatt-hour usage in your January bill."

FPL send a notice to customers this month in part saying, "While Florida's winter temperatures are back to normal, you may soon feel another effect of the record cold that hit our state earlier this month. If you used your heater, your energy usage may be higher than normal. That's because many homes in Florida have inefficient heating systems that require a lot more energy to operate. In fact, heating can cost two to three times more than cooling."

The letter continues with a hint on saving power for the next cold spell, "So if we get hit with another cold spell, remember to keep an eye on the thermostat. We estimate that for every two degrees you lower it, say from 68 degrees to 66 degrees, you can save approximately 20 percent on heating costs."

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    guarenteed that glades elec. wont pass on any savings